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Your analysis and observations make a lot of sense to me. One important realization after reading your analysis is this: I had thought if I could keep my left arm extended for longer time then I would be able to glide longer, but you make me realize that it's the opposite--or at least the opposite is also true: if I were able to glide longer, then my left hand would be able to stay on the water longer, and I must accomplish this by training the core muscle use. Your analogy of baseball is excellent! I find that swimming has this extra benefit that is often not mentioned: it helps us correct the asymmetry and inbalance formed lifelong which we have taken for granted and don't seem to pose problem in daily life. Once corrected, I'm sure it will not only help swimming but also improve our everyday movement.

Btw does the "core muscle" include the hips or just the upper torso?

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