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Originally Posted by rwilkes View Post
However, my problem is that i can not seem to hold my lead arm during recovery. When i turn my head to breath, automatically my lead arms starts to pull back and not anchor.
To teach yourself to roll/breathe with the lead arm extended, try the "Unco" drill -- one-arm drill breathing on the non-working arm side. Push off in streamline, pull one arm to your side, and leave it there. The other arm, which remains extended, will be the only stroking arm for the rest of the length. Swim using only that arm. Swim with rotation to both sides, but breathe on the side of the tucked, non-working arm. This can be hard at first, but you will quickly learn to time your breathing motion so that the mouth clears the surface when your working arm is fully extended. Its very difficult to do it the wrong way (i.e., with a sculling, too-early pull in the extended arm). Its a technique-forcing drill. If you don't have a decent kick, you probably want to do this one with fins so you maintain enough momentum to generate a bow wave. Once you get the hang of it -- one goggle wet, inhaling on a fully extended opposite arm, it will get easier fast. The YouTube video posted earlier in the thread shows what it should look like. Good luck and persist.
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