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Originally Posted by gallootjs View Post
I almost forgot to ask one more question. I’ve taken lessons from TI coaches who say the kick initiates the rotation. Is that how you all see it? Terry’s description implies a core generated kick.
Without knowing the context in which those TI coaches taught you, I'll answer with this perspective. Generally when the recovering arm has reached the entry point at the head, you'll need to be rotating a little bit in order for the hand to enter the water. But you can't be kicking then because it will likely be too early to generate max propulsive power forward.

Some time when the hand/wrist has already crossed the surface line is when you should be kicking. Your body will be rotating with the hand and adding energy to the spear's energy forward. Then with a coordinated flick of the foot along with hip drive, you'll be send that spear forward with even more power.

If the hand/arm is moving independent of the body, say it starts dipping into the water while the body is held behind in its angled Skate position, it loses its connection with the body and it's all arm. At the moment it moves into the water and your body is behind it, then the body's energy is adding to its energy forward.

A cue I learned from Terry a while back was "Use the flick of the foot to send the spear on its way." So the hand starts dropping into the water and is beginning its spear, then the flick of the foot shoots the arm forward even more.

Try playing with the timing of when you kick. Try it before the hand drops into the water, all the way until you are almost flat and the hand is already partly in spear. See where you get the most energy shot forward.
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