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Default Questions on Swing Switch

I just came across a blog called Zenswitch Transitions-posted on Mar 8, 2010 by Coach Brian Vande Krol. His blog is divided into 2 sections--The Purposes of Pauses and the 2nd relates to the Dragging the Forearm.

The first section is pretty straight forward and seems relevant.

It is this 2nd section that I don't seem to understand. He says, "When we drag the forearm through the water, we use the water to provide feedback about the recovery. When the forearm is truly relaxed and dragging like a rag doll, the water shapes the arm keeping the wrist below the elbow. The feeling is that of "releasing water" under the forearm, as opposed to pushing water in front of the forearm. Also, if we maintain a constant depth of the forearm (feel the waterline at the crook of the elbow) we must swing the elbow out out away from the body, rather than bringing it up in a cramped recovery."

I'm not sure what he means by this. Also, if I have the crook of my elbow just above the water line, I have a lot of trouble in moving forward. (Too much weight maybe?) or not enuff muscle?

Also since there has been so many revisions to different drills, is it possible that this blog no longer "holds water"??

Any insights would be appreciated.

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