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Hello AB77,

seems you're enjoying your swimming and you are confident and fearless with your stroke. 31min for 1500m might be even a goal for others. Your SR around 1.0s is not slow; and your goal about sharing a minute is definitely not as far away as you might suspect.

So, you're in a TI-forum and I'll try to give some suggestions from TI's point of view.

First I'd suggest to get a TI-DVD or a tight look into Terry's more actual Effortless Endurance or at least Terry's free lessons to become familiar with TI's way of work and thinking.

Looking at your Video (second one) I'm sure you'll get a lot from going through Terry's course...

Your head seems to be tensed with looking up all the way. Torpedo and SG-drills will sharpen your awareness to get an over all relaxed neck and water-supported head. Your back shows the tendency to bananashape (couldn't decide precisely by this video), you'll realize that yourself, when working with SG and Torpedo.

Your stroke seems to me somewhat as if hips and shoulders are disconnected. All your movements should be initiated by your core (first time it's easier to think as initiated by your hips) and shoulders and hips should be connected as if your body is swimming like a log. To get this you'll need to become more balanced, relieving your muscles from helping to get balance back. All kind of skate drills will be helpful to show you just that. (And much more...)

You mentioned your wide recovery. It is indeed. Think it's not a question of wideness , much more relaxation. Your recovery should be led by your elbow all the way, your lower arm should be relaxed and work more as pendulum than a stick (actual formed together with upper and lower arm) at that time. With stable core, right amount of rotation and relaxed head/neck the drills "Elbow Swing" and "Draw a Wide Line" will be the right cure...

I can't see how your kick is exactly, but sometimes it looks as so called (Stuart? Dave?) "Zombie-Kick" (kicking with your right leg while left hip/shoulder are going up to surface). With that you're breaking your body's log and you're fighting more against yourself than finding a balanced, streamlined way forward... Try to hold your legs in streamline (don't feel any water on any part) and think about kicking later...

For drills and finding their integration into your stroke, I'd suggest two further things:

Work with a TT to help you slow down to at least 1.20s-1.30s. If you want to test your improvement in balance got up to slower than 1.60s...

Take the time and start (about 15min) with one or two TI-drills with lasersharp FPs (one at time, two for your pooltime).

After the drills swim your well felt distances but(!!!) break them into small pieces. With a short rest between. Start with 25m, try to take (first times) one(!) of your FPs from the drills into your whole stroke. How does it feel? Same as in the drills? If you can hold and feel the FP for 25m go on, try with 50m... and so on... The time of the rests should be fixed by your "brain-resets" What went well? What should I try to improve the next lap? How should it feel in whole stroke? Then the next 1, 2, ... laps.

Hold your bilateral breathing. It's never too early to start with and hold it. (If we have to break our stroke symmetry for breathing, the breaks should be equally distributed to left and right... Yes, gills would be more helpful...) It's not necessary to breath every three. One lap right, next left,... is okay. (Never go on with drills or FP-work if you start to go winded...)

Hope you'll find some things helpful in this little bit long post.

Enjoy your work in swimming and your start with TI!

Best regards,
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