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Default Confused where to start

I need some help figuring out which product/program to purchase.

I've looked at Total Immersion 3 years ago when I was starting out after many years of not swimming and was struggling to just get across the pool. But at the time I was struggling so much that I wasn't getting any where.

Since then I had a good friend step up and help me out. I was able to progress and able to finish a couple of 1/2 Ironman and my avg time for the swim is somewhere between 35-40 minutes so around 2:00/100M and this is with a wetsuit as I live in Canada :-)

After taking a winter break and now looking at starting my swim training again, I would like to give a TI another look. There is something about it that catches my attention and I've wanted to get back to it for a while.

But after looking at what is available I'm not sure what I need. I know that I can't afford the Swim Academy but I'm OK with spending under $100 for a complete program. I already have the book and started reading it again yesterday, but I want a proper program with a schedule and drills with either time or distances.

Thanks for the help.
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