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Default Kicking - mixed messages

I am 48 years old, and have been racing regularly in my local Masters' circuit with acceptable results for the past two years.

When I picked up TI, one of the first things I learned was to slow down my kicking, because it interfered with streamling and proper timing. As I watched TI videos, I realized that this was the case with most coaches and other advocates. Good TI swimmers' kick seemed unperceptible and seem to never break the surface.

However, I have found empirically that this slower kicking affects my speed considerably in the distances that I normally compete in (50m and 100m). I believe that my stroke has become cleaner and more efficient applying TI trechniques, but in no way has that been able to compensate the effect of slower kicking.

My training buddies and coach insist that I speed up kicking, but I am still trying to reconcile that idea with what appears to work well with others.

I would like to hear from other racers out there about their experiences.
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