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Originally Posted by sixtiesguy View Post
[...] what are some drills/ exercises on land & in water that TI coaches recommend to get the shoulders and lats loose and relaxed and gain muscle memory to be able to keep elbows high? Thanks!

TI has a drill progression for recovery that goes something like:

1. Hang recovery arm in front of goggles, submerged up to elbow
2. Recovery arm dragging in water up to wrist - "wrist drag"
3. Knuckles drag
4. Fingertips drag

Do these for both arms and with any luck your brain will make both arms more symmetrical in recovery. It will take time.

Lats tight? See eg.

Ti isn't about "high elbows" per se. It's a swing out motion. Do you have a reasonably recent TI DVD for reference?

Good luck!
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