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Hello MF,

sorry, can't get the relation to ZT's example. That's a really different kind of stroke than the one in Suzanne's pulling-hints. (Straight arm recovery, straigth arm pull (does she?), straight arm catch(is it?), straight arm push... Can we find these phases in a Mississippi Steamer... don't take that question serious(!))...

BTW, as Sclim posted, you have to build up the force from front to end as soft as possible. Otherwise you'll get an unwanted edge in movement when you start. And to get that, what Terry told:"Nevertheless how fast I swim, I never press hard..." seems to be a miracle.

Pressing firm but so softly, that water just wants to start moving away but doesn't, seems to be a skill being learned only with extreme patience and loooong time if not gifted as the highperformers seems to be. (In my case I have to think in decades, but I've to learn everything in somewhat hard work, because I can't find any wished talent presented from nature... hard, but very interesting. Learning FS is mirroring that..)

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