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Hello ZT,

- How can she hold her streamlined lateral balance with so minimal (nearly no) FQ? Though it looks as if she holds an upward spear (it isn't with her straight arms) a litlle longer than I suspected.
- Is her different recovery (right more relaxed than left) necessary for any part of her stroke?

Though the Slipfactor can't be the salvation solution. Rough calculation of my own with armlength and SPL led to 0.47 with half collarbone included to 0.77. Seems not bad, but I'm one of the average swimmers needing doubled time...

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you arc forward and down on the extention whilst using core to drive the extention
this mantains the streamlining effect of fqs without going full 3/4 catch up

but to get here you have to spend alot of time doing 3/4 catchup and become attuned to streamlining glide effect
then you can slowly move to a more continious arm cycle and maintain the fwd gliding streamline of the FQS
with enough practice you can achive the same streamline glide within a more continious stroke and know the point when you start losing it
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