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Hello ZT,
This girl has exceptional good traction.
Slipfactor = amount of handslip/ amount of head forward movement= 10/17.5=0.57.
The avarage swimmer in your local pool has a slipfactor of about 1.5-2 at half the speed.
slipfactor is minimised by low drag, high traction, little speedvariation.
:-) ... yes, and now let's all swim that way, and we will be elites at once...

You're near to Rued's(?) researches and his results with it. Doubtless your points are important, but they can't be the whole story (too much oversimplification this time?). Emerging questions (to myself?):

- How can she move the arm from your screen1 to screen2 without initiating bopping? Her kick won't help, it's too late for it. Must be an extemely fine-tuned movement.
- How can she hold her streamlined lateral balance with so minimal (nearly no) FQ? Though it looks as if she holds an upward spear (it isn't with her straight arms) a litlle longer than I suspected.
- Is her different recovery (right more relaxed than left) necessary for any part of her stroke?

Though the Slipfactor can't be the salvation solution. Rough calculation of my own with armlength and SPL led to 0.47 with half collarbone included to 0.77. Seems not bad, but I'm one of the average swimmers needing doubled time...

Best regards,
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