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Reading between the lines, I think to myself, you mean, all my obsessive taking notes, trying to micromanage all the exacting details of how to grab that extra millimetre of length on each stroke, by keeping that exact elbow flexion angle that is the average of all those elite swimmers out there...turns out to be wasted intellectual exercise, because the efficiency actually has got nothing to do with that elbow angle or any other easily measured external detail that the obsessive video analyser can glean. It's actually due to some mystical hidden secret sauce that can't be transmitted. At least not easily transmitted, with some simple rule that the beginner can easily follow. Sigh. Again.

Actually I'm only half joking. Perhaps a useful working rule might be the 3rd factor you enumerated -- the "little speed variation" factor. One can actually take that and try to make use of that idea. Don't pull hard, increase the stroke force gradually, and spread the stroke force over a greater percentage of the stroke cycle.

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