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spent some days in Sweden, Blankaholm... damned GREAT(!) such an environment with so few People and even less swimmers. First time I swam OW alone, just what I do like so much: A small bay, shore not more than 200m away from any point, warm water (22C from a far too hot summer), water felt more supporting than in the pool, but nearly didn't taste salty (an incoming river around)... and my goggles rested at home...

What should I say, great fun, but irritation from my abiltiy to hold direction. First time I had to care for direction myself, most time with closed eyes, had to stop to get objective orientation. First result: 60 strokes every three nearly half a circle(!)... Found I got more straight, when 2/3 of breathing on my weak-felt side and 1/3 on my "better" side. Still a drift to left. Next day... same pattern... drift to right.. more straight when breathing 1:1... Well on the last day it turned out as random drift. Swam a triangle approximately 200m-sides, there where just two buoyancies and a boot, left and right way round. But approximately would say missing the target at 100m by 10m-20m.

Great enjoyment, missed my usual FPs to FP swimming straight ahead, not really satisfied but will see what happens with goggles and trying some orienting sights integrated next time... If there will be a next time...

Wish everyone to such swimmings one and then... better everytime...

Best regards,
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