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Hi a16ksb

Looking at your metrics it seems to me you are doing great! Have a look at the calculator I attached to my post here: You need a tempo trainer to accurately "count" your turns though, but you can see the difference they make.

You don't say how tall you are (in your OP) nor if your strokes are Garmin strokes or total strokes. The watch only counts the strokes of the watch hand so you need to multiply by 2 to get the total strokes. An SPL of 13-14 would be very, very "good".

I'm not-a-coach. and have never had 1-2-1 coaching of any duration. So that's my CYA statement for the following:

Balance is achieved by equalising the weight of your body on either side of your centre of buoyancy i.e arranging yourself so that your centre of mass is in the same place as your centre of buoyancy. The key in this is getting your arms into the front quadrant. The reason most freestylers kick like fury is because they don't do that and its the only way they have of stopping their leggs dropping haha!

Everyones legs drop. They have no air in them!

Burying your head into the water, because your head is at the "lighter" end of your body, makes it weigh less (it is buoyed up by the water!). This is NOT to say that you should raise your head up like meerkat. There are many vital reasons to find its position of neutral buoyancy. Swimming is ALL about balance; and not just the physical kind.

All the best with it but most importantly, I find, enjoy the moment. After all, if we like to swim so much why are we so desperate to reach the end of the pool so quick?! This is why I find open water swimming so beneficial. It confront me with my fear, the fear that prevents calm feedback, learning, and development. In OW there is no option but to accept it's there and find a way to get over it. Either that or hope someone's dialling the emergency services :D
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