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Can you give a short summary of that article?
Here you are (in German).

There might be other summaries on the web if one searches well enough. Otherwise, the original paper might be obtained from the journal.

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My totally unscientific experience (n = about 10) with asian people in the pool is that they follow the cliche that they are committed to the task and hard working, but make for slow and slightly frustrated swimmers, doing a lot of pulling and kicking without much result.
Are you suggesting that all Asians are bad at swimming? If not, why write it?
Your statement can be seen as despising and IS utterly absurd. In almost all A finals/semi-finals in world-class competitions, there is at least one said "Asian". I would use here the same comment as for said "Blacks". Who is able to divide the mankind in defined groups such as "Whites" and "Asians", anyway?

Have you considered swapping the qualifier "Asian" with "Hispanic", "Dutch", "Rich", "Poor", "Women", "White collar", "Blue collar", etc. or even "White"? If one honestly does that, the same "unscientific experience" happens, because you are omitting the whole population. What you present as your sample experience is not representative of the whole population (and omits other factors too).

Sorry if that seems harsh and long, but I think it is good to put things strait and stop disseminating demeaning posts, especially in a popular forum such as this one. Again, it does not serve the swimming community.
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