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The earlier catch is a little tricky as it starts to get earlier past a certain point -- I had spent a lot of time learning to delay the catch until I had rotated that low side to the high side, and I learned it so well I'm having trouble unlearning it. It seems to throw my new-style (of the past 2 years) balance equilibrium off, but I'll chip away at it. I'll play around with the kick timing too.[quote]

I also mentioned in a previous thread that for about the past year and a half to 2 years that I was also trying to work on an earlier catch because my stroke was almost like a catch up stroke. I think the reason and why this all started is because in the original book Total Immersion it mentions that when your hand enters the water 'your arm reaches and I mean reaches like stretching for something on a high shelf'. With this in mind I swam for many years like this but my spearing arm was too rigid and at the same time I was also relying on that arm as an aid to help balance also by keeping it out there so long while I was leaning on my 'buoy '. I think it was also causing a little late breath timing .So now with much practice and better balance that I have found with my torso I reach out with a very relaxed arm and a feeling like I am reaching with my shoulder and not my fingertips along with a pinky down entry so whole arm is relaxed and ready for the catch just as the high arm is ready to enter the water .Like you mentioned it can be hard to correct old habits.


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