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Good suggestion Janos !
I must work more diligently with the under switch drill. Must admit I've been delinquent when it comes to many of the drills -- exception being "nod&swim" drill. I'm continuously working with this one.

But you brought out another crossover point between the two sports/hobbies. The upper/lower body separation. Though they work in harmony to the whole experience we use them separately to some extent. The hip drive in swimming, and the quiet shoulders facing the fall line on the skis. The hip drive helps power the opposite shoulder in the pool. The skiing drill I mentioned was to think of the start and end of the turn more at the middle of the cycle when we hit the fall line about mid way through the carve rather than at the point when we initiate the turn at the body rise to lessen the weight on the ski. This thinking helps to blend this point into the overall path and thus brings more continuous flow. Think of the middle of the turn area of the carve similar to being the glide in the pool. So we are in mid flight with the pressure mounting on the downhill ski and the knee pressed into the hill, uphill knee bent with the body leaning into the hill. Both here and swimming the relaxed state are key ingredients. Swimmust's post of his torso twist timing revelations also factors in here too. When you can see comparisons between different activities, I think you can strengthen and clarify these through cross-over thinking. The common denominators are timing, balance, and relaxed state. Ahhh, yes ... they all have their respective drills too! Think of each I want to get to a ski hill right now and a pool too! :^) Maybe this is a subtle reason the major ski resorts always have outdoor pools too!
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