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Mike, good for you for combining swimming and skiing! Pole plant is normally advised as help in turning, which could be considered a fulcrum point, but I think the real connection between the two is when you complete a series of carved turns. The hips drive and create the motion, and the legs and arms are transmitting the forces generated. The legs angled and balanced, and the arms out in front to complete balance. You could say a similar thing happens when you start stroking. It seems to me sometimes that centripetal forces are at work during TI swimming, but as I am no physicist, I can't comment. The circular motion you can generate sometimes, feels quite powerful. I think it is this that is the answer to the original question. A catch can only ever really be a 'catch' if something else is acting on it. In our case it is our torso, so to develop feel for it, you must focus completely on the relationship between the rotating body, and the catch arm. Underswitch drills seem ideal for this in my experience.

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