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I think most of the posters here gloss over my main frustration -- the wrong tube angle, which forces me to tilt my head up wrongly. Here is a link to the Finis site showing the "Swimmer's Snorkel", which is what I have

Notice the relationship of the mouthpiece, which is used facing vertically downwards in TI, to the end of the breathing tube which would be tilted forwards at a 45 degree angle. If you're not sure how this plays out, click on the 2nd small picture to enlarge it to see a typical "non-TI" swimmer using this snorkel, and see his face angled up position, and the tube vertical. I suppose most TI swimmers could be totally face down and still have the 45 degree angle project far enough to breathe; I swim so low in the water as to not have this leeway.

The alternative seems to be their so-called "Freestyle Snorkel"

This tube tip at first glance seems to be actually angled too far backwards, with the end segment leaning BACK about 45 degrees when the face is flat down. But not only is the angle backwards; the end can be seen to be further UP out of the water above the back of the head, once you visualise the complete picture with the tube curving over the top of the head. This position, projecting out of the water somewhat astern of the corresponding point with the "Swimmer's Snorkel" may also give me some extra "head sink safety".

Bear in mind that when you click on the picture of the conventional swimmer using this snorkel, what you are seeing at the water surface is the last bit of middle segment of the tube before it makes its last bend. In this demonstration picture, the end segment (which you can't see), being angled 45 degrees further backwards must be almost parallel with the water surface, or at least at a pretty shallow angle! I'm hoping that with the proper TI position, the face being rotated downwards 30-40 degrees compared to this demo picture, the end segment will approach verticality sufficiently to provide enough clearance for me. But it's hard to be sure.

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