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@Talvi: I agree you still have to learn to breathe, and snorkel use doesn't help here. But in the skate drill, I find with my flotation issues, I get not very long duration doing the drill, before it is disrupted by the need to breathe. I find with the Finis snorkel I can spend time in the skate position without flippers gradually fine-tuning my optimum skate position. In other words, I am using the snorkel here as a tool to isolate out the breathing disruption so I can concentrate on only one thing at a time during this drill.

Trouble is, with the regular Finis swim snorkel, it forces you to adopt the more conventional swimming slight head tilt rather than the TI face flat down position, which, because of my rather low in the water position, submerges the Finis snorkel tip unless I do a slight head up-tilt. I know in theory I can dial in the head tilt only for snorkel practice and "subtract" it for "real" TI swimming, but I worry that, if the point is to practice a subtle skill like balance, am I imprinting the wrong head angle by forcing myself to drill with the wrong head angle.

Does anyone have advice on a TI-friendly snorkel?
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