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I'm not a coach, I am barely a competent swimmer but as you've not got any replies I'll pitch in.

I bought got a snorkel to help me practice. In the end I've hardly used it. I didn't find it really helped me though it was interesting using it.

The problem for me is that with a snorkel I find much less incentive to rotate and so rotate less. When I have to breathe normally I have to rotate better and then have some measure to balance rotation on the other side.

Having said that using a snorkel eliminates the complexity of breathing and so does allow more intense focusing on elements of the stroke.

I think, like any tool, a snorkel can help but whether it does or not depends on how you use it. Maybe it'll help you. I don't think there is much of a down side. In the end you have to learn to breathe and doing that is to my mind more important than anything else in the stroke.
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