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Thanks for your thoughts. I should have been more careful with my original description, which is a bit too harsh. I have watched some videos and they do have a system that eases the child into the water, but they do so on their training schedule and often against the child's will. So eventually, the child is dumped into the water, but not on day one. The videos do show lots of crying babies, but in the end they are all swimming contentedly.

One youtube video I saw looked more like water boarding than swimming, although the parent captioned it that the crying baby was just fine. The reason parents do this, and the reason my daughter is considering it , is they play on parental fears of accidental drowning. This is why some parents feel they have to act at an early age - even when the chances of accidental drowning are very low.

Apparently they get very good results (although I doubt a lifelong love of water is one of them). Personally I would not want to be "taught" something in this manner, so I wouldn't submit a child to it.

Thanks for the Kahlil Gibran - its been a while since I read him.
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