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We will see how it goes. Its all just an opinion based on current experience.

Your statements about streamline would be a lot more meaningfull if you would have objective information about optimal streamline shapes.
As discussed in the streamline ABC, you dont have any, so your guess is as good as mine.
I agree off course, that at some point, it gets obvious that a certain posture or movement isnt streamlined anymore, but there is a pretty large grey movement space to move through where hard conclusions about the streamline consequences cant be drawn.
Within this range I am trying to find out how to add as much building blocks as possible in the kinetic chain.
Finding the optimal compromise between propulsion and drag.
Like you said, things can feel quite different inside while it looks more or less the same from the outside.
An experienced coach will see the difference right away though I guess.

Rolling like a log isnt bad, but I think its bit like a chain with long steel rods.
Thats better than a chain with to weak elastic bands between the shakles, but a chain with shorter pieces of steel rod in between works better as a chain.
I you understand what I mean ;-)

The idea of a kayak is also just an idea. We are a a mass of muscles and bones. Keeping everyting tight as a kayak isnt my idea of optimal effective movement. It has to be kept pretty tight though. But how tight? And where exactly?
Always some questions left to keep us occupied in the pool.

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