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Only had approx. 30-35 min. to swim today so test ran a 'cutie'.
Thursday Jan, 13 YMCA 25 yd pool (1650)
4 x 50 + 2 x 100 + 200 (1:00 per 50 interval)
descend each repeat, descend entire set.
(50 FR 'perfect form', wipe the mental slate)

2 @ 4 x 25 (100IM)
on first round establish spl, on second maintain; focus was on balance throughout.

200 FR

4 x 50 (200IM)
each 50 on 1:10 interval; focus on streamline and rhythm. Stay within one of established spl.

2 x 100 FR

2 @ 4 x 25 (100IM)
focused on 'good' streamlining throughout, on second round let it be faster; hold length and try to up tempo smoothly.

Descended 200s FR
(added ez 50 at the end, wipe the mental slate, hopefully hold 'good' muscle memory)

I used to talk myself out of a 30 min. swim, not anymore.
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