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I've never attempted a LC 400 IM but will be swimming a SCM 400 IM this Sunday at Coral Springs FL (as well as 800m Free and 200m IM on Sat and the 400m Free on Sunday) I am nowhere near what some call "race fitness" and therefore my times will probably be slow-ish. However I'm relatively unconcerned about the times I will record. I will simply consider them information about my current pace-holding capacity in those events.
More important information will be how I arrive at whatever times I swim. I'll be doing this event as a test of the efficacy of using Balance, Streamline and Propel thoughts as the framework for a race plan, and how each change in intention affects my SPL and pace. It should be a most interesting experience. I'll post a report here afterward.

Today's IM-oriented practice. There was only 40 min left in open swim when I arrived at the pool at 1:20 pm.I felt as if this practice packed a lot of useful experience and neural tuning into that short period.

Wed Dec 1 1650 yds @ SUNY
400 (x100 IMs) Balance Thoughts SPL=8+16+8+13

4 x 25 on :35 @ 7 SPL Avg :23 sec
25 EZ
2 x 50 on 1:10 @ 8SPL Avg :48 sec
25 EZ
4 x 25 on :35 @ 8 SPL Avg :22 sec
25 EZ
2 x 50 on 1:10 @ 9 SPL Avg :46 sec
25 EZ
4 x 25 on :35 @ 9 SPL Avg :21 sec.
25 EZ

4 x 25 on :35 @ 14 SPL Avg :23 sec
25 EZ
2 x 50 on 1:10 @ 14+15 SPL Avg :47 sec
25 EZ
4 x 25 on :35 @ 15 SPL Avg :22 sec
25 EZ
2 x 50 on 1:10 @ 15+16 SPL Avg :44 sec
25 EZ
4 x 25 on :35 @ 16 SPL Avg :21 sec.
25 EZ

I got some inspiration for these sets of 25s and 50s from Alan's practice.
My plan was to start each round with a low SPL on the first set of 25s, then increase SPL on the 50s that follow. Use the SPL from the 50s on the next set of 25s, then raise again on the next set of 50s, etc.

I tried to swim as fast as I was capable @ that SPL on each set of 25s, then lighten the pressure a bit on the 50s by letting SPL rise and feel I was swimming at a sustainable pace. Then repeat that pattern.
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