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Hi Dub, Being aware of your hips/legs sinking when breathing is excellent, most swimmers have no idea that's actually happening and why swimmers find it so hard to breathe.

This blog outlines a process to help you breathe easy, establish good timing, and maintain posture when rolling to air. Select this link: Breathing It's Overrated

Once you remove all the added terrestrial movement patterns (i.e. looking for the promise land of air) and remove tension in neck, shoulders, chest is when you will find the "easy breath". There really is no breathing stroke and non-breathing stroke, only a seamless breath has become integrated into your stroke.

Good luck and be patient with the process!

Coach Stu,

Your post helped a lot. Right away I noticed this - "Lifting head and rotating more to breathe instinctively triggers the lead arm to push down and legs to splay wide to maintain stability." I'm not so much lifting my head as rotating more. Maybe, I'm breathing in for a second longer than I need to.

I realize that I need to lead with my shoulder and make sure the chin moves with the shoulder. It would help if someone can tell me where my eye should be looking when I breath in. As I breath in the bow wave, would I be looking at a point which is 90 degrees to my right or more like 120-130 degrees to my right ?

I'm making progress though and all these suggestions help !! Thanks everyone

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