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Originally Posted by StuartK View Post
.. I probably sailed around your boat, we may of exchanged waves!..
What a great thought and thanks for those answers.

I try and avoid windy conditions as my focus gets dragged into the experience of the waves, but I know what you mean when you write that ".. there is no way of measuring the distance or speed as you swim and when you stop to check it seems as if you've covered very little distance".

Visibility in the lake here is only about a foot, so as soon as your head goes under it's like swimming in a brown pea-souper! Maybe a bit like you, I found this disorientating and disconcerting, but I've since turned it to exercise the "non directedness" in my practice. It's a work in progress (!) but it does force a focus on being in the moment and swimming perpetually i.e "on the spot".

Swimming just in order to swim, rather than to get somewhere, is a challenge:- "..bbbut ..if there's no end, then....Noooooo!". There's a contradiction in this. If we're truly swimming for the joy of it, rather than to break barriers/records etc, then "swimming-on-the-spot" should pretty much be where it's at. So why do we aim to finish? Would a manatee want to stop swimming?

This seems to me to also tie in to the contributions of Charles and others on the "Continuance" thread

BTW and fwiw I seem to have discovered that I can float on my back (without kicking at all) if I stretch my arms back over my head. For me, learning to be lazy and at peace in the water seems to really help my ability to practice.


Swam a lap across a 500m bay today. It was actually 1100 and 1200m as I kept drifting off to the breathing side (and into the reeds and lillies!!)! I was really very nervous about setting out but the greatest difficulty (besides my "flat tyre"!) turned out to be the fear. Having done it the lake doesn't look the same anymore. I guess that'll wear off a bit, but wanted to suggest that if that pier-pier route is safe I'd say go for it
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