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30 years ago I used to regularly sail a little quarter tonner, I probably sailed around your boat, we may of exchanged waves!
I went for a swim this afternoon, the water is a bit warmer especially very close to the shore but I would not want to try diving off a boat anchored any distance off.

I am trying swim along the shore but I don't find it easy, unlike a pool there are no lines on the bottom and the waves mess up the timing and my form feels unstructured and fragile. The other problem is there is no way of measuring the distance or speed as you swim and when you stop to check it seems as if you've covered very little distance. I miss the pool lane lines giving me an idea of how fast I'm moving, or if I'm moving at all! just more practice required I suppose, it's like starting again.

The 'getting more on to my side' was reference to an impression I had that I was swimming too flat when on my right side, that I needed more rotation, but I think it was an illusion. I must get a video of myself swimming as my imagination sometimes runs riot.

Don't get me thinking about breathing, at present I'm running on automatic and I breathe as and when required on either side. I don't know why but it has just clicked. One thing that I changed in the pool was I started using a nose clip as I was suffering from sneezing and a running nose for hours after swimming. It was difficult to start with but once I got used to the idea of breathing out through my mouth there was no problem and it is easier to trickle the air out. I don't know if it would help but might be worth trying breathing through your mouth. The only trouble was when I started and forgot about the clip and found I could not breathe out you get this sudden jolt when you try and a moment of panic but I suppose it reminded me that I had the option to breathe both in and out through my mouth. In the sea I don't use a clip and I don't know if I'm breathing through my nose or mouth, I'll have to check.

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