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I like to think these plateaux are more like steps, some of which are large landings between flights of stairs often twisting you around and giving new insights, before sending you on your way. A bit frustrating at first but once I accepted the advice to relax and enjoy where I was and that sooner or later I would get there I was fine, it's this must have it NOW world we live in, it unfortunately rubs off on everything we do.

I have never had any sporting prowess but was a keen small boat sailor with an interest in their design, which was what first attracted me to your system. It fitted in with my ideas of good sailboats and sailing, long easy waterlines, good form, balance, maintaining a flow over the hull and sails, centres of effort- if the helm is heavy adjust the sails, even the fingers slightly spread made sense (tightening the foresail too close to the mainsail stops the flow between the sails just like water between the fingers). There's nothing worse than sailing with everything over tightened so even the controlled relaxation is the same.

I'll never win a swimming race but I think that I will now always swim as it keeps me fit, even the Docs impressed with the numbers (for a man my age ) and will continue to try and perfect the TI style, it just looks so right when done by the experts yet pleasurable and absorbing for beginners. So in twenty years who knows?

Thanks the feeling is mutual some of those 'sloughs of dispond' were a little deep it was good to have someone around to fish you out, even if only a Manatee. I think your best advice was to not be afraid to go back a step or two.That and knowing that your progress was uncannily mirroring my own, it's probably this 18 months thing.
A glass or two has aready been taken, as Jersey is a Tax haven booze is cheap (the one compensation for the working man who has to live here) so a bottle or two was more like it Hic
The 2000m was your fault, I was following your advice and didn't intend to even try for the 64 lengths. I was just going to try slowing down more and to see if I could get a little bit further on my side so after a length I thought I'd carry on and do 10 laps (there and back 50m) holding this form so 500m came up easily so another 10 made it 1000 and there was no point stopping then so at 3000 I thought just in case I'd miscounted I'd better do another 10 = 2000m! about 40 min and heart rate 120 at the end, caused by grinning!
I'm toying with the idea of seeing if I can do a mile in the sea just to reassure myself it was not a fluke. I'm hoping it will warm up another degree or two, my nearest beach has two slipways almost exactly half a mile apart - there and back along the shore at high tide? - I'll keep you posted.

My advice (for what it's worth) to all beginners is to keep at it, it will come, some grasp it easily, the rest of us take a little longer but you will swim a mile, if I can anyone can, and it's an amazingly satisfiying achievement the one drawback is, you too will be stuck this silly grin
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