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Originally Posted by larryc View Post
On one of my recent posts someone here suggested I seek out a TI coach in my area. I wrote to the TI coach in Dallas a few weeks ago but haven't had a reply.

Are there other TI coaches/workshops in Dallas/Fort Worth? I can't drive to Houston or San Antonio.
Todd Ericsen had workoshops often, I'm not sure if he has a location in Dallas.

Bob Wiskera is a good coach, maybe your email got lost or caught in spam. you never know.

I"m sure you've seen the listing...Bob is the only listed coach in Dallas.

If he's unresponsive, you may be able to hire Todd to come to Dallas and arrange a small group for him to make the trip worthwhile. He does stuff like that.

He'll have to recovery from his English Channel swim first, however....
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