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Originally Posted by kejpa View Post
Hi Terry,
No, I'm Swedish, but I live in the archipelago between Sweden and Finland called Åland Islands. It's paradise, you should come visit during summer!
So are the Åland Islands part of Sweden or Finland? I will swim in Swedish Masters Nationals in Kristiansted next March, then go x-c skiing with my good friend Lennart Larsson who you will probably encounter on this Forum. Perhaps we can meet at that time.

Originally Posted by kejpa View Post
By the end of this second season of TI inspired coaching the results were not what I expected, and one of the reason is lack of endurance, and another is lack of speed. <snip>
All of the kids do the drills quite well, and keep it in whole stroke swimming as well.
If they drill well and maintain good form in whole stroke, then you should probably reduce the drill component greatly. One of our coaches, Bob Wiskera, had a saying to remind us all to keep drills in perspective. "No one comes to TI to learn Back Balance." (a drill we stopped using in the late 90s.)
The drills are great for breaking the stroke down into its critical components, then allowing you to examine and refine each component. But whole stroke practice is essential for integrating those components so they work seamlessly and in harmony.
I did a high percentage of drill practice from 1991-99, with most of it focused on Balance and Streamlining. But between 1992 and 2000 I did hardly any pool racing - though I stayed pretty active in open water swims. So I wasn't very focused on pace or speed. Mostly efficiency. Since 2005 I've resumed a keener focus on racing and my percentage of drill practice has dropped to almost nil. I still strive to increase efficiency, and always will. But I do it now with Stroke Thoughts, Stroke Counts and Tempo Trainer, in whole stroke. I'll post today's practice below. A good example of how I work on efficiency in a very measured way.
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