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Default Building endurance and speed.

Two year's ago I stumbled on TI and found it interesting and challenging. I decided to have a go at it with the competitive youngsters I've been coaching. For two years now we've been focusing on making the drills as good as possible, and now I think they're all doing quite fine.
Recently I've begun thinking that we need to improve endurance and speed to make them more successful in competitions and make their times drop. But each time I think that way I'm afraid that their technique will get messed up. So I was very happy to see Terry's blog/video on "The Speed Problem", it made me realize that there are a TI-way of doing this. Unfortunately it was very much directed to triathletes and not competing swimmers although much of it surely is applicable to them too.

My questions (finally!):
What is the general idea for building endurance?
What is the general idea for building speed?

From my 30+ years as a swimmer I very easily fall back to the 70's with "10x100 fr on A3 @1:40 Ready... Go!" and hope that they will be fast enough to catch their breath between intervals and that they will keep their technique. And clearly it's not the TI-way. My idea for building endurance the TI way would be doing sets like
[4x25, 3x50, 2x75, 1x100] at a certain SPL, quit and restart when (if) you fail on any distance.
25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 .... 500 at a certain SPL, quit and restart on failure.
With the general idea being "Increase laps while maintaining SPL" and "Drop SPL while maintaining laps".

Building speed is even more complicated, since you obviously need to swim fast at practice in order to swim fast at meets,isn't it? Is it just my stone age brain telling me lies?
How fast would you swim if you have a pb of 30.0 on 50 free? What would a set look like?
My idea for building speed would be "Drop time while maintaining SPL" and "Drop SPL while maintaining time". Is it?

A lot of questions! I realize that but any directions would be very nice to get.

Best regards
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