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Default Terry's Vibrant Health Practices: Fall 2016

It was suggested to me that I come up with an affirmation for the heading to my current series of blogs and my practice log.
Since the spring, both shared the heading "Zero-Cancer Swimming" which I chose because while swimming I feel that I 'zero-out' cancer in two ways: (1) Because I feel vibrantly healthy--not ill--most of the time I swim . . . and afterward too; and (2) Because there's so much evidence that exercise strengthens one's immune system . . . and spirits. Both are essential to enhancing survival and reducing mortality. But even more so, exercise plays a huge role in every day quality of life.

To a greater extent than was ever true before, today I am truly Swimming For Life. I'm challenged by having less stamina and strength due to the treatments I'm receiving. I know that my practices will be somewhat shorter, and my swim times slower, than they were even last spring.

However I embrace the challenge to be even more resourceful and opportunistic in finding ways to be at my best within the capabilities I have. I also plan to swim as many Masters meets as I can find time for between now and Masters Nationals which will be April
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