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It doesn't look like you received an answer to your question and I would assume you have started and worked on swimming for 2 months now.
Your question is too hard to answer with the limited information I know about your swimming as Total Immersion is not a cookie cutter program but a program that is based on every individual swimmer.

Continue to be a stickler for form and quantify your results.

Here are a few suggestions f you need help making sure the form you practice is correct or information on how to make your results quantifiable.

1. Watch Total Immersion YouTube videos
2. Ask a specific, detailed question in the forum
3. Pick up an old Total Immersion book from the Library (not the best option as our programs have evolved)

For a fee
1. Hire a Total Immersion coach near you that can check your form and/or write a program tailored to your goals
2. Register for a workshop near you
3. Purchase downloadable courses. You should start at the 1.0 and then progress to the 2.0. If you enter coupon code coachteresa, this will trigger a small discount.
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