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I try to follow that coach advices on few attempt, (as the really got busy since the entire the vacation). It feels complete different from my long/slow stroke. I try to remain as relax as possible for me at my level of command and it turn into a pretty fast stroke dominated by rhythm.
I trained lately doing vertical butterfly on connecting my catch, pull and push. I did slow at a much lower pace. I've to rework it so I don't lose water and cripple the push part of the stroke which kills the stroke for me.

But Iit's a win I stay much higher and straighter. Slightly too much as the kick that follow the hand entry is almost automatic. Clearly I've to adapt my arm motion and relax my insulation at the moment both result of the will to algnem my body with my arms in a Superman position. It is great for rhythm but I've to make it more round, I fell AsI I'm now the lack of amplitude in my insulation and fast not that efficient arm motion is what get me into a high rhythme stroke.
I manage 30-35m yesterday. It was not a good day for any of my stroke. Next session I will try to do it but more of my mind into it. I'll keep you updated.
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