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P.S it makes diaphramtic breathing easier where yoyr ribcage is pulled up snd in not only is it solidly connecting hips to shoulders as one unit it also prevents upper chest breathing and so breathing is done deep in the belly freeing shoulders up even more.
The rib cage also have to be well connected to your abs which to various extend is not the case for many people (I mean various level of flaring rib cage, not pathologic but as you get into exercizing the weakness show and can develop into an issue either wrt to sport or health as you can unknowingly further the issue).

The body has to act as one, in our sedentary daily life we tend to forget till we want to accomplish at more demanding task we like (in that case swimming). Often issue we face in swimming others activity is in part due to the miss usage we have of our bodies :|
I though of that lately as our modern day culture is quite ignorant to the body functioning more than often yo may need more of a physical therapist than trainer (no matter the sport you are engaged into).I've in mind a video off Jeff Cavaliere (athlean-x on youtube, a physical therapist /personan trainer) , a massive WWF wrestler comes to visit for advices and as you watch you realize the the guy whereas massive has weakness (relatively) and imbalances, as done exercises wrong like forever, etc Yet by the look of the guy you would take his word on the matter of body building without question. It may explain why some time relatively lesser men or women are so strong: extremely well connected kinetic chains with lesser muscles engaging when they have to and larger group following step, etc.
In our days and age I think people want the esthetic of the body without real respect to the incredible complexity and cleverness of the body mechanics, there may be some ancient Greek up in the sky watching over us and crying... lol

As an example my neck hurts on the bad days (often) I can't really breath well on the left (which is my clean breathing side).
The most demanding stroke for the "whole body connection" seems to be butterfly, you need strong (and even) shoulder which remain connected to the torso and the later strongly connected to the pelvis, etc.
M right shoulder has weakness so I diffuse energy early in the stroke, I not only do not at as a spring but I also lose my line, etc => failure whereas I think I have the fundamental of the stroke down.
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