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Default Breathin' and Not Breathin' and disrupting your stroke

Originally Posted by CoachBobM View Post
I'd suggest that you not wait until 100 yards
before you start breathing more frequently.
You should try to balance left side and right side breathing,
but breathing every 3rd stroke isn't the only way to do this

You can breathe for awhile on only one side (every 2nd stroke),
then take 3 strokes and start breathing on the other side (every 2nd stroke).

If you run up an oxygen deficit before you switch to more frequent breathing,
it's likely to make you feel out of breath
and disrupt your stroke the rest of the way.
Hi "Master" McAdams... After I teach my water aerobics class
A high school swim team comes in and their coaches ask 'em to go up to 3, 5 to 7 strokes in getting their breath...


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