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Many thanks Baroche,

Very detailed reply my question ! Today I was in the pool and it seemed as though i was too "deep" in the pool to turn my head efficiently to breath, hence the reaction to "grasp" the air.

I tried what you suggested "stroking without breathing" and it felt good. My lead hand were "patient" on both my right side and left side. Head and spign alignment felt ok, together with my new 2 beat kick.

Then i took this focus point (lead hand) to the stroke to breath and immediatley my lead hand (left) came down into the pull without staying out in front. Sub-consiously i know i have to leave it out in front, but I just cant seem to do it !!!!!!

When I Zenskate, i tend to sink slightly which doesnt help either. When i drill i have to breath in sweet spot because it feels as if i am too low in the water to try "rhythmic" breathing.

I know balance is the key, exactly what your reply suggests. I would be interested in your views on how to correct this !!!!

TI is frustrating but adictive !!!!!!
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