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Originally Posted by tomoy View Post
My left breath (right-skate) seems lower - I can almost breathe with both goggles underwater and it feels easier to get air, longer with more time, now than my right. I seem to be able to setup a decent EVF on both sides when I'm breathing to the left. Think it has something to do with my right shoulder being "looser" and more flexible - rotator cuff wear and tear from years of volleyball. It used to be my weak side breathing on the left. However it this "works" best once I'm warmed up. When cold, it's too low and a bit of a reach or rotate to get air.

Hey, I forget -- you may have mentioned this in another thread -- but the way you describe it here sounds like you breathe more confidently on your left side. If this is so, was there a time when you could only breathe on your left (like I once could only breathe on my right?) If so, it's odd that your right skate is lop-sideded. But I find so many things about this process being odd, leading us to dig deeper to find eventual answers that are often very counter intuitive!

PS: In my skate practice this week, I got back to skating on my left edge after practicing exclusively on left breathing and right edge skating, only to find that my left edge skating wan't nearly as secure as I thought it was. In fact, at last comparison, after 5 consecutive days of exclusive left sided breathing swimming (a skill acquired for the first time on Monday, the first day), my right edge skating was more confident than my left edge skating, even though my left breathing is not yet as secure as my right breathing! Go figure. But what threw me was something completely out of left field, that took me a while to figure out. Yesterday I had trouble swimming straight on my left edge, until I realised it only happened at a particular point in the pool. It turned out that in the extreme side lane in my pool there is a lateral current that occurs about 1/4 of the way from one end, partly due to some inflow pipe at that point, and not really noticeable except at the slow speeds occuring at gentle flutter kick in skate LOL. So it wasn't totally my imbalance!

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