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Originally Posted by tomoy View Post
My regular swim center has two outdoor pools - one cold pool at around 78-80˚ and a smaller pool at around 86-88˚. Usually I swim in the 'cold' pool, but when it gets cold out I go for the warm pool.

I haven't compared closely, but is there general wisdom on which is better for your body? My context is a 45-50 min. workout after work, before dinner. Usually 2000-2400M.

I searched the forum and see a lot of open water swimmers talking about adjusting (saying nothing about hypothermia!) and feeling more invigorated. But I wonder if the warmer water loosens the muscles or has other benefits.
What you refer to as a cold pool 78-80 is the normal temperature range for lap pools. I have not acclimated myself to cold waters nab and other open water swimmers prefer. I will have to do some colder water swimming as my master's team is trying to convince me to join them in the Trans Tahoe Relay Swim this summer and Lake Tahoe is more to naj's liking. I do know that for me lap swimming for an hour or more in anything over 81 I find that I get overheated as CoachSuzanne stated and my efforts suffer as a result. I have never been in water colder than 63 (with a wet suit I might add) and I felt fine.
So not speaking from a medical standpoint I find colder better for performance and I think you will find this true across all sports.
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