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Suzanne, It sounds wonderful to be able to target bi-lateral breathing as you describe it. I wish I could but I cannot so breathe only to my right. I have never felt that I am hyperventilating when breathing every two, I breathe only as deeply as I need for the given speed. I think we agree that getting rid of the CO2 is the key. I absolutely agree with you that once CO2 is breathed out, the lungs will take in the air/oxygen needed.
Martin T.
Martin, as in all things, there is an elegant equation for breathign which you have referred to here: breaths per minute x tidal volume = minute ventiliation.

The minute ventilation is technically how many liters per minute of air we are exchanging, and can be modified by either frequency or the volume of each breath. But what is important is that you recognize how much air you need/dont need. if you are breathing every 2, you don't need full lungs every 2 necessarily.

Interesting points on the other aspect, but keep in mind that any effort that is "all out" for 5 minutes or longer, or anything not all out that lasts longer than 5 minutes is going to be primarily aerobic in nature, so the respiration physiology you mention is interesting to think about, but I still thing it would apply to swimming a 500 yd repeat just as it would to a 5 mile repeat.
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