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Spot on, Lawrence! I suffered a pretty bad whiplash injury from a cycle racing crash 30 years ago (cracked my helmet, too, so always wear one!) which makes it painful for me to turn my head more than a few degrees to the left. Discounting pain, I still cannot physically turn my head more than about 30 degrees. My neck doesn't even really like turning far to the right outside the pool but fortunately I roll well enough to get plenty of air that side without stacking and slowing too much. Whilst I usually swim a mile or two quite briskly in a 25 metre pool five times a week and could probably manage 5 miles if necessary, the big problem is open sea swims. I took part in some charity swims this year around Poole and Studland (In the UK for our foreign friends) and in one event the waves were straight in the face for a mile. Horrible and I lost a lot of places through having to slow down. If I roll far enough to breath to my 'bad' side I am unstable.I won't give up trying but has anyone got any ideas about dealing with this?
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