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I think you will find, that learning to breath on your weak side now will be an advantage eventually. It will feel awkward and you'll take in a lot of water the first X weeks or so, but eventually it will be better than your current strong (left?) side.

You probably have decades of breathing incorrectly on your strong side right now, and it will take longer to unlearn those habits than it will to learn the skill properly. I've seen this consistently in forums, and it was my experience too.

Just be patient, take it easy on yourself for not being an expert when it feels all wrong, and keep doing the exercises/drills and concentrating on what you're body is doing. You'll get there.

Originally Posted by bnichols4 View Post
What are some drills that I can use to improve my bilateral breathing technique. If I typically breath to the left would it be helpful if I were to concentrate my TI drills breathing to the right side or are there other techniques that will work better?
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