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But even then you find yourself trying something different with hands, roll, reach and so on just to see if it makes a difference or makes up the difference!!

I think this may still be relevant to your thread - some of us just never seem to grow up even as we grow older. I don't want to rust out and I can't see the Terry's of this swimming world doing so either. The sad fact is that we all lose about 10% of our oxygen uptake every 10 years which means that wrinklies like me should never beat a good 25 year old over a mile. But when it comes to long endurance events where O2 uptake is far less critical and other factors come into play, we can still compete. Being introduced to TI with its emphasis on efficiency through the water can give a second life to ancient athletes and does sometimes enable us to give the 30somethings in our pools quite a surprise.
Long may it be so. . .

Martin T
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