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Default Breathing and Balance

I've been thinking about breathing. And to summarize, I think I learn from TI that we want to breath regularly, relaxedly, but also fully, by exhaling and inhaling deeply. Also, that relaxed breathing helps oxygenate our blood better, so our whole body is more buoyant than if we were struggling and gasping to breath. So far so good.

In music training and in yoga, we learn that _where_ we're putting our air is significant. Panicked forced breathing all happens in the upper chest. Relaxed, full and powerful breathing puts the air deeply into the abdomen and lower back. Wouldn't that also help balance in the water? Not sure how important this is, but it might help me.

We know that when we fill our lungs, we're more buoyant. When we exhale fully, we ride low in the water. Add to that when we're out of breath and unsure of where/when we'll get our next breath (rough water), we panic. Panicking puts the air high, around our shoulders. Deep relaxed breathing puts the air lower, towards our hips.

So I think I'm concluding that the more slowly, and relaxedly I can breath and move the air further down into my belly, the better horizontal balance I can achieve in the water.

If there's any question here, it's wondering if this goes counter to wanting to bite off a mouth of air quickly so that you can get your head back into a face-down position - which is more important? To breath quickly or slowly and where does this affect stroke tempo? ... okay, back to work :-)
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