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Default Need rotator cuff strengthening/stretching exercises

Not sure which forum to post this request, so apologies in advance if this is not the best spot.

Does anyone have good rotator cuff strengthening/stretching exercises?

As background, I’m currently at Practice 15 of 18 of the TI Beginner Stroke Efficiency Program and am starting to develop a sore right shoulder. I suspect the cause is some combination of right-side breathing and right arm/elbow catch issues, but I want to incorporate strengthening exercises while I continue to improve stroke inefficiencies that may be causing the soreness. BTW, I had the same shoulder soreness when I used to do triathlons in the early/mid 90's.

I will finish the Beginner Stroke Efficiency program this week, and plan to transition directly into the Intermediate Stroke Efficiency program. I also signed up for a video analysis class (4 sessions throughout the Fall) at my local YMCA that will give me feedback and additional drills that are specific to my issues. So far, I have eliminated a thumb-first entry that is often cited as a case of shoulder soreness. I completed the “breathing” practices, and can now bi-laterally breathe, although I will need much more practice for it to feel completely comfortable. The “catch” practices are coming this week.

I am back in the pool since 1996. The last time I swam was literally while attending a 1-day TI class in Boston (the hiatus is unrelated!) It is very interesting to see how the TI program has evolved.
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