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Originally Posted by CoachEricD View Post
I like your workout for the following reasons:
1. You start with balance.
2. you use short distances.
3. You add in small amounts of whole stroke.
Thank you for the feedback. I dropped balance drills for a little bit because I felt that I was a natural at it. Then I started working on backstroke. Now I work on balance a lot.

I was actually curious if doing 50s was generally considered too much (in the books 25s are usually recommended). I really like doing turns and pushing off the walls (I like the starting speed boost), but doing so, I find, has two disadvantages: less distance to work on technique and turns takes away some of my focus. I want to swim competitively though, so I want turning to be something that just happens naturally.

Originally Posted by CoachEricD View Post
The mistake I made in the beginning is that I changed focal points too often and I am - realizing that I am only now (4ish years later) developing a consistent stroke.
This is really good to know. I am guilty of this. I sometimes change focal points mid-length because something else in my stroke is messed up. I'll try using only two next practice (alternating them of course) and experiment.

Originally Posted by CoachEricD View Post
I realized I am only 37, and on my way to setting world records in the 105+ age group,(according to USMS Swimmer, no records have been recorded for that age yet) I have plenty of time to really imprint each focal point.
That made me laugh so hard, but it definitely drives home the idea of how much practice each focal point should get.
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