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Default My "phase 1" freestyle practice

The following is an example of my typical freestyle workout. I am attempting to work on phase one from Extraordinary Swimming for Every Body (pages 128-130). Critics are welcome and encouraged.

Note 1: I added a drill in here which I call “glide”. The idea for it came from breaststroke practice. All I do is swim wholestroke except that I pause in skate position until I lose momentum.

Note 2: For me, the backstroke switch balance drill, from the Backstroke for Everyone video (when you raise your arm without doing the switch) is the hardest of all TI drills. It really helps me balance in freestyle. (Or I drink pool water)

3x50 freestyle skate; 1x50 freestyle
3x50 backstroke switch balance; 1x50 freestyle
4x50 zenskate (alternating sides); 1x50 freestyle

Switch /w fist gloves
2x50 underskate
4x50 double underskate; 1x50 freestyle
4x50 triple underskate; 1x50 freestyle
4x50 zipperswitch
4x50 double zipperswitch; 1x50 freestyle
4x50 triple zipper switch; 1x50 freestyle

Stroke counting
2x50 freestyle /w fist gloves (18 stroke limit)
2x50 freestyle /wo fist gloves (16 stroke limit)
4x50 “gliding”
2x50 freestyle (15 stroke limit)

Balance: 500 drill, 150 whole stroke
Switch: 1100 drill, 200 whole stroke
Stroke counting: 200 drill, 300 whole stroke
Total: 1800 drill, 650 whole stroke
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