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Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
It's more the drill equivalence that interests me.
As TI methods have evolved, it's become increasingly difficult to find 'drill equivalencies' because
1) Conventional drills aim for different impacts. TI drills are broken down far more finely, targeting mini- and micro-skills. E.G. There's a sequence of 4 activities to improve recovery and entry.
2) We no longer advocate very much of the former style of practicing drills in repeat sets of, say, 25 or 50 y/m. We now think drills achieve greater impact more quickly when done quite briefly in a concentrated manner to heighten awareness of a particular sensation then transfer it to whole stroke. These just don't conform to traditional set structure.

4 x Superman Glide (probably 6m each rep)
4 x SG + 4-6 strokes (probably 12m each rep)
4 x 25 Whole Stroke
Do this sequence with focus on Hanging Head.
Repeat the sequence 1-2 more times with related Focal Points, using it as a Tuneup for an equally structured Mindful Swimming series.

As for drills I consider highest impact, top 2 are easy
Superman Glide - affects your psyche as much as your movements
SG to Skate - changes your concept of the swimming body from Upper/Lower body to 'streamlinable' Right/Left side.

After that, I'd have many possible candidates, depending on the stroke. I think the Catch the Wave variants for Butterfly and Breaststroke are real game-changers -- far more than any drills I did when my work focused on coaching competitively from 72 to 88.
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