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Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
I wonder (just wondering, not questioning) about the idea that *every* single session be done total TI way.

Isn't it permitted to sometimes just forget about it and just swim?
If I were to substitute a different phrase for practice in the 'total TI way' would you agree it would be desirable to practice in this way every single time -- no exceptions?

Here's the phrase:
Always observe principles of Deliberate Practice.

It's been observed by Anders Ericsson PhD, Daniel Coyle, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi PhD, George Leonard, Malcolm Gladwell, Joshua Foer and many more that people in a wide range of fields who are committed to this kind of practice improve more and experience a higher degree of fulfillment.

Knowing this, why would any thinking person not commit fully to Deliberate Practice?

Speaking for myself -- yet borrowing a phrase from Hadar Aviram (who will swim Tampa Bay Marathon on Saturday) -- I 'never swim a stroke in vain.'
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